Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Emmaus PA, close to Allentown & Dorney Park

How do you house your dogs?

All of our dogs are in the house with us! Our dogs have run of the house during the day and accompany me from room to room as I go about my daily chores.

How many dogs do you own?

We average about 20-24 small to mid size toys.

Can I see the parents of my puppy? Photos of the parents are typically displayed on our mommies and stud muffins page. We are also happy to share more photos upon request since we are still working on the website.

What health guarantees do you offer? Our guarantee can be seen on the contract page. We offer a 2 year genetic guarantee.

How old does my puppy have to be before he/she can come home to me? Depending on size and weight, 9 weeks or more. The pups set their own time line. If I suggest a possible date, take note that it’s tentative and not a promise. We put the health of the pup as priority. We will under no circumstances release a pup younger than 9 weeks of age.

Do you take deposits before a litter is born? Occasionally we do.

Is the deposit refundable should I change my mind about getting the puppy? Deposits are non refundable except in situations where it is discovered that the puppy has a health problem or has died. In those cases you will be given the option to have the deposit refunded or transfer it to a different puppy.

Do you require a sales contract? Yes, we have a sales contract, you can view it on the contract page.

What forms of payment do you accept? - We accept paypal (3% charge), cash, money orders, Venmo and Apple Pay. We no longer accept checks.

Can I put a deposit on a puppy and make payments? A deposit may be placed on a puppy and payments made up until 9-10 weeks. All money is due by the time the pup is ready for pick up. It is not it the puppy's best interest to leave him/her here for weeks or months while the buyer makes payments, as they are missing out on valuable bonding/training time. If you can't afford to purchase a puppy right away simply save your money until you have enough to pay outright. We charge a $20 per day kennel fee after the expected go home date.

Do you offer refunds or will you take the puppy back? Our contract states that if you cannot keep the puppy once it is in your possession it must be returned to us! We try hard to place our puppies in permanent homes, but understand that sometimes circumstances can occur that will require a pet to be rehomed, so we will take the puppy back, find a good home for it, and then return half of the amount that we are able to get for him/her to the original owner.

Can we come and visit your puppies? Young, unvaccinated tiny puppies are very susceptible to germs that can be unknowingly brought into the house, as such we don't allow people to come and visit the younger puppies. We are not a pet store and the moms do not appreciate strangers around or touching their babies. For this reason we do one puppy per visit unless the pup is over 9 weeks of age. We built a meet and greet room for people to first meet the pup then meet the parents. It has to be based on the comfort level of each mama. Not all moms like strangers appreciate handling their babies. I say this because many visits are requested at say, 4 weeks old. That is likely to change to make things less complicated. There is not much information that can be gathered about a pup that age; other than the fact that it’s a puppy.

Do you do any genetic testing on your dogs? Our breeding dogs are all vet checked, tested for PRA-PRCD and knees are vet checked. We use Optimal Selection through Mars Veterinary. Optimal Selection tests include breed specific OFA certified testing.

What will I receive with my puppy? Puppies come with limited AKC registration papers, a document listing vaccination, deworming and other healthcare information, a well check exam sheet detailing the vet's findings when the pup was checked, a packet of food, a blankie that the pups have slept with that carries momma and sibling scents and a packet of information concerning feeding, training and grooming. Once a client placed a deposit we send the documents via pdf to prepare them ahead of time. Not many people will read information once the pup is ready to go home due to focusing on their new baby.

How do I reserve a puppy? Simply send us an email or text telling us which puppy you are interested in and once decided on what puppy you want then will be able to send a non refundable deposit that will hold your puppy unit he/she is ready to leave.

How long have you been breeding poodles? We have been breeding poodles for 4 years, prior to that we Keli Shover started our lines and she has been breeding near a decade. Keli Shovers dogs are blood related to mine.

Do you provide support after we receive the puppy? We are ALWAYS available for help, support, as a resource and ALWAYS love photos and updates throughout the life of your puppy.

Is a puppy cheaper if I don't want the registration papers? No, not typically. Releasing pups without papers does not reduce the cost of raising that pup.

Will you potty train my puppy before it comes to me? We set up our puppy pen so that there is a specific potty area lined with washable potty pads. We use litter boxes and start as soon as the pups go mobile. They on their own as little babies start using the boxes. We use horse pelleted bedding for the litter from tractor supply. We don’t recommend you use any other litter if you intend to continue with using a litter box.

I don't guarantee that a dog will be 100% house trained. Dogs are creatures of habit and so if your expectations are different from mine, it may take them a while to adjust to the change of being in a completely new environment.

Can I have a little dog with a big dog?

I will not place a small dog with a larger dog. It is way too risky, speaking from experience.

Do you adopt out your pups to families with children?

Yes, we do. I could not run this operation without the help of my wonderful kids! Like any child they have to learn how to properly handle a puppy. If I feel uncomfortable with any situation I have every right to cancel the sale and deposit will be returned.

Can I get a puppy if I work full time?

It is possible to raise a puppy while working, however; a two week break is required minimally when bringing your new pup home so that he can become accustomed to his or her new home. It may even be longer if you have a particularly tiny puppy. There will be lots of excitement, accidents, supervision needed, and precious time of bonding.

It's not fair or wise to have a puppy alone for extended periods of time. Options are setting up a pet sitter or day care to come for potty breaks and play time every couple hours once you go back to work. This is crucial for your growing puppy.

You have to remember; getting a puppy is about what love you can give/provide to a new baby. We want our puppies to be in loving homes and want working families to make this possible. It may take some planning ahead to make things work! ❤️ is a start to research a good dog walker :)

I’m confused about poodle sizes and terms. I thought a miniature poodle was the smallest and a teacup was around 7 pounds? This can be confusing! It starts with tiny toy (also known as “teacup”-but the term teacup is not an official breed standard but a size comparison)- is 2.5lbs (micro teacup) up to 5lbs adult weight.

toy poodle (5-8lbs)

large toy (8-10lbs)

miniature (10+lbs and height over 11”)

standard poodle - the largest; up to 65 pounds

This link may be helpful!

Why do I see your puppies under red lamps?

The red lamps encourage cell growth and regeneration along with warmth. Infared light may strengthen cardiovascular health, help relieve pain and inflammation. This is not the same as uv light which kills germs and potential skin/eye damage. We do though circulate our air through a specially created uv filter to kill germs lurking in the air.