Our Girls
AKC Registered Genetic tested (All of our girls may not be yet added ~ also in the process of adding their testing panels) If you would like to view the full panel you can request it and we can send via email. All our testing includes PRA-PRCD We are constantly working to improve our bloodlines! Optimal Selection is now Wisdom health. They are no longer in a partnership with genoscoper. All of our panels are optimal selection. Wisdom owns the company. It is not the same as the breed detection test wisdom has on Amazon. Optimal Selection is OFA submittable. The test checks over 200 genetic canine diseases. It is not just based on colors or traits but that it comes with both. The format is a little different than the older style.
Delilah KB/ky ee at/at
Jolie (Jojo) Ky/ky Em/e at/a b
Buffy Ky/Ky ee at/at
Lucy KB/Kbr KB/ky kbr/ky kbr/kbr Em/e at/at b S/sp
Zoey Ky/Ky Em/e at/at
Dani KB/Ky ee at/at
Jasmine KB/KB Ee aw/at bb S/sp
Piper Ky/Ky Ee at/a b
Rose KB/ky ee aw/at
Princess Ky/Ky ee aw/at
Sienna KB/KB Ee at/at bb S/sp
Danica Ky/Ky ee at/at
Blossom KB/Ky ee at/at b S/sp
Brie Ay/Ay ee at/at Sp/sp
Boogie Ee KB/Ky aw/at Bb/SS