Paige's Ellie


Its really exciting to see God working in Paige's (youngest of ours) life. She had a really difficult school year. Her anxiety was crippling her.

Fast forward, we purchased an AKC Champion sired pup we named Ellie for our breeding program. However, she is not like any puppy we have had before. She really took a liking to Paige specifically. Her personality intertwined perfectly to Paige. She comforts Paige when she can sense something isn't quite right.

She asked God to help her, and God provides. That will build quite the foundation as she grows on her walk with God.

She is very excited to start classes with Barbara Toczek who runs "train them don't blame them" in Allentown, PA.

We will ultimately get Ellie certified for service work. ❤️❤️❤️Dogs rule!

akc star puppy proud grad sticker
a girl with a poodle holding a certificate
a girl is holding a poodle in her arms
elaine craggy black poodle