Puppies available must be reserved with $500 non-refundable deposit. Deposit can be made through Venmo or Apple Pay. This ensures the puppy of your choice when they are ready to go home. We do not accept checks. If a puppy is no longer available he or she will not be on display.

Prices are subject to increase as we improve our lines and add more champion pedigree. Each puppy may have a different price based on bloodline, popular color/gender and demand at that time. Please note that we still have the best prices in the tri-state that genetic tests, in-home raised and isn’t a puppy mill. We do not negotiate our prices/fees.

What comes with my puppy?

Each puppy comes limited AKC registrable papers (papers are purchased by the breeder- the new puppy owner must pay the registration fee), a 2 year genetic guarantee, vet check by a licensed, ahaa accredited veterinarian, 2 wormings, first and second series of inoculations and microchipped. Each puppy taken home will come with a puppy kit and food sample. Breeding rights are included with some of our adoptions.

What does limited AKC mean?

Limited AKC means your puppy is AKC. The only difference between limited and full registration is if you intended to breed the dog, you would need full rights to have those puppies that the dog has, AKC registered. DNA of that dog is owned by your breeder - when you buy a dog with full rights you now own that DNA right in the purpose of breeding and registering puppies from that dog.

What about size guarantees?

Please take note, I do not chart weight as long as the babies are growing but I would be happy to give you an approximate size based on the size of the parents. This in no way guarantees the exact size of the puppy as an adult. Charting is not always an accurate way to predict size and can give a false representation of expectations. It takes many years of breeding and a very experienced breeder to learn the size of puppies each line produces.

Pups go home based on health check clearance. They typically go home from 8-12 weeks. I require a vet appointment be scheduled prior to bringing your pup home. Vet exam can be scheduled for a window of 7-10 after pup goes home. Since the transition of my family to yours is extremely hard for these babies; another visit to another stranger (vet) right away after coming home isn’t recommended (this will be changed in the contract from the previous 3 day requirement to 10 days) to give the puppy some down time.

Late fees of $20 daily may be charged for pick up delay.

At this time we do not offer shipping.

Payment in full (minus your deposit) is required day of pick up for your baby.

Puppy purchase is not on a trial basis. He is she are a life long furry friend for life! Please research the breed and consider the life adjustment for bringing a puppy home. In any circumstance we will accept our puppies back but a refund is not guaranteed.

What if I have allergies?

If you have pet allergies or known dog allergies, we cannot make appointments to see how you will tolerate a poodle. We have so many responsibilities at home and cannot provide this service. We suggest getting exposure through a friend who has a dog or poodle. If you can babysit that dog for a day or 2, that helps.

Because our schedule is very full (we also have 3 homeschooled children and a full time job), we cannot always schedule a visit before a deposit can be placed. We will Ofcourse notify you if the pup has been sold if you have an appointment. We try to be as descriptive as possible by putting up videos and photos. Generally all puppies are sweet, playful and cuddly. Personality doesn’t really show until after 8 weeks or more.

Please look at the contract page for more information on guarantees and state law.