Puppy Shopping Checklist

Necessities for Optimal Functionality

Supplemental Nutrition

wonder paws milk thistle for dogs
a tube of nutri-stat for dogs


victor h - pro plus dog food
purina pro plan puppy lamb & rice formula 6 kg
one classic ground grain - free formula with turkey
one classic grain free formula with beef bison canned dog food
one classic ground grain - free formula with real beef and salmon canned dog food


a cat on a heating pad with paw prints
a grey dog bed on a white background
a small dog standing inside a black wire crate
a black dog crate with a golden retriever inside
sophish multi cat pine pellet
master leader double bowl dog feeder - gray
a blue plastic litter tray on a white background
the made in usa mattress pad is white with a pink tag
simple solution extreme stain and odor remover

Snacks & treats

pure buffalo dog treats in a bag
a bag of meyenberg goat milk
gullet sticks for dogs in a box
ziwi lamb ear dog treats

Training treats

a bag of zwii peak dry dog food
vital essentials chicken breast dog treats


a blue dog toy with white and blue balls in it
a green dog toy with four holes in it
a blue and red toy with four pieces in it

House training


Washable wraps

Disposable wrap inserts for washable wraps

a set of diaper covers in different colors
amazon basics super maxi pads

Wrap and insert all in one disposable (one use

a box of disposable male wraps for dogs


Skirt pants

Disposable insert

a dog wearing a skirt with ruffles and a teddy bear
amazon basics super maxi pads

Completely disposable

paw inspired ultra protection disposable diapers for dogs

Non-toxic cleaner

a white mop with a pink handle in front of a box
dawn ultra ez squeeze 50 % scrubbing liquid
citrosolv citrus cleaner & degreaser
a bucket of easy clean on a white surface

Non-toxic cleaner

burt's bees 2 in 1 puppy shampoo and conditioner
homeako pet grooming kit with a santa hat and a dog
red honey balm
a purple and black hair brush on a white background
a set of scissors with a comb and comb
first aid kwik stop syptic powder
wet oreos pet wipes
a pink hair dryer with accessories
a pair of scissors with green handles on a white background

Airtag anti-loose dog tracker

an apple logo is shown on a white background
a person holding a collar with the word elevationlab on it

Flea & tick

ortho lawn insect killer
natural care flea & tick spray for dogs
alzoo flex & tick dog treats


a stuffed dog with a heart on it next to a package
a white and orange owl night light

Paw safe icemelt

a bag of safe step pet food with a dog in it