Our stud contract

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Stud contract

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Stud Owners:

Bitch's Registered Name: _____________________________________________________

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STUD FEE: mark your choice with an x

____ A fee of $1000.00 is to be paid in full once successful breeding takes place. Boarding of the female is typically not offered. If the female requires boarding it is a $35 daily fee to board the female.


Brucellosis testing must be completed within 2 weeks prior to the breeding.

This stud contract will guarantee the mating of the previously described dogs. The bitch owner(s) and stud owners certify that the information provided herein is true and correct, and that each named dog is free from fleas, ticks, worms, any sexually transmitted diseases, and that all vaccinations are up to date.

The bitch and stud owners agree to disclose copies of the (1) Bitch’s and Stud’s registration certificates, (2) most recent vaccinations, (3) current rabies certificate, (4) OFA rating certificate, (5) eye clearance, (6) most recent brucellosis test, (7) any other health clearances or certificates, (8) DNA certificates, (9) 5-generation pedigree, and (10) current pictures of the animal, and certify that the information provided is true and correct.


At least two actual tie matings will occur between the Bitch and Stud.

The stud owner guarantees two live, healthy and properly colored puppies (one live and healthy puppy to a bitch 8 years of age or younger).

If only one live and healthy puppy is produced by a bitch 7 years of age or younger, a return service will be provided to the same bitch at no charge within one year of this whelping, provided the bitch owner notifies the stud owner within 14 days of the whelping date.

If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service will be provided at no charge on the bitch's next heat cycle or to a substitute bitch.

If no live and healthy puppies are produced from the rebreeding, the stud owner will refund half of the stud fee to the bitch owner.


A copy of the Litter Registration Application(s) will be submitted to the stud owner upon completion.

Initials __________________


The bitch owner guarantees that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to being bred to this stud, and that she will be protected from such exposure after the breeding has taken place. If any question of parentage should arise, the stud owner reserves the right to request DNA testing of the puppies at the bitch owner’s expense.

The bitch owner agrees to contact the stud owner promptly after the puppies are born and report the sex, color of the puppies.

The bitch owner understands and agrees that any guarantees given verbally or in writing to the puppy buyers from this cross are the sole responsibility of the bitch owner.

The bitch owner agrees that no puppies will be sold in any pet store, retail or wholesale outlet, or any person or firm connected with the sale or resale of dogs, and that no puppies will be sold or registered as a different breed and registration other than AKC toy poodle.

Breach of these terms will result in a fine of $500.00 per infraction, made payable to the stud owner via Cashier's Check.

The bitch owner agrees to share any health issues or genetic problems experienced by any pup produced in this litter with the stud owner in a timely fashion. Any titles awarded in any registry will also be shared with the stud owner. The stud owner has permission to share this information with any owners of the sire's offspring or close relatives, as well as post the information on their website.



By signature below, all parties named herein are bound by the terms as set forth above.

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