*We are far from a typical breeder!

*We are licensed through the state of PA as of December 2018

*All of our dogs are AKC registered

*Our dogs undergo thorough genetic testing to ensure you have the healthiest puppy possible

*Our puppies are properly socialized with women, men, children and other dogs which builds understanding of the wolf pack hierarchy behavior

*EVERY adult AND puppy are examined by a board verified veterinarian who is AAHA Accredited

* Our puppies are raised in a family environment

* Our poodle puppies are 100% pure bred Poodle

* 2 year genetic guarantee

* customer support / questions are welcome after going home

* vaccinated & wormed

*champion lines (see page-why a champion?)

*clients meet the parents of the puppy

Our poodles love children, guests, other dogs and laps. Our dogs have undergone genetic OFA approved testing through Optimal Selection. Our dogs scored above average in overall health score and are non-carriers of any known canine & breed specific inherited illness. ALL of our breeding dogs have manual testing on knees, hips, eyes and heart by our AAHA accredited vet.

Why is a AAHA accredited vet important?

AHAA is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. AAHA-accredited practices are evaluated on stringent quality standards that encompass all aspects of veterinary medicine—from pain management and patient care to team training and medical recordkeeping. (AAHA.org)

Whats the big deal of playing with puppies all day? Thats all fun and no work right?

Puppies are a definite BONUS. It is still taxing emotional and physical work that not many people would consider. We have a home that is pet friendly and will never look picture perfect for a dinner party. Thats ok though-I prefer animals over dinner parties anyway. It is a constant 24/7 of cleaning, supervision and long nights. We are always “on call”. We often deal with heartbreaking situations, especially when we lose a pup. It is really hard on us and often gives us moments where we say, “I quit, this is too much!”

If you think one puppy is a lot of work, imagine the work involved for us! If poop makes you squeamish-this is not the career for you. If you have bad knees, this job may not be for you. You may not see family for years because you just aren’t ready to trust someone with your most valuable possessions. Vacations don’t exist and time away from home is set with an alarm. There is no point in having a collection of fancy clothes as you will rarely get to wear it. We often laugh when a person says to Corey, since leaving his company job of 14 years to raise puppies; “how are you enjoying your retirement?”

There are many expenses. A few examples are food ($500+ per month), regular veterinary care ($10k+ per year, not including injuries/accidents), electricity needed to provide optimal temperature and humidity. That’s only part of our expenses.

We face a stigma often from those who really don’t know us but only as breeders. We do understand where they are coming from - as our own eyes became open to what goes on in puppy mills and the number of puppy mills increasing. They really don’t care about the needs or health of the dogs bred. This further supports our dedication to doing the right thing as we grow. We DO support rescue. We retire breeding adults or retire dogs we haven’t even bred that may be healthy but just don’t have what we are looking for in our breeding program.

We have a friend who for many years was involved in the heart breaks of rescue. She now places our dogs into the best of homes, as her own and for those who wish to adopt. The new families have full pictures of the health history and temperament of that dog, which would be an upside to adoption. Not everyone is eligible to adopt a dog however, or may want a particular family member, or wants to show. I think if the right type of breeders and rescuers got to know each other like my rescue friend and I-we could really make a difference. We also are particular about the homes we place our puppies into. We feel that your family should be a proper fit for our puppy first.

How are you different from a puppy mill?

*The difference is in how we treat our dogs.

*We are actively involved with our dogs.

*Dog breeding is not just a source of income but the love of dogs incorporates meaning into our life.

*The close attention we give our dogs and puppies is extremely important for the health of the developing puppies. We do not keep our breeding dogs in pens. They have free roam at our home and such must be under our supervision at all times.

*Carefully bred dogs possess the character qualities families are looking for.

Why do you charge so much when I could get one much cheaper in Lancaster?

*We must give our time to this business.

*Wonderfully bred dogs do not come by chance nor miracle

*Energy has been poured into raising the level of quality in these dogs

*Our prices have been carefully considered based on the consideration of our time, money invested and energy required to raise up our dogs.

*Quality dogs retain clients. Often our families and their extended families will purchase multiple puppies. This is where our reputation lies. Many breeders ignore the importance of matIng a pair of to improve temperament and health, that is what is known as a backyard breeder.

*Our attention we give to our dogs is a primary building block for temperament and social behavior

*It is crucial that we interact with the puppies so that we can learn their exhibited traits and relationships to people.

*When dogs do not get the proper time, socialization or supervision it will affect what is expected of them.

Our purpose is beyond the production of breeding puppies. Our daily activities revolve around our dogs who we consider as part of our family.