Why adopt our toy poodle pups?
*We are licensed through the state of PA as of December 2018 *All of our dogs are AKC registered *Our dogs undergo thorough genetic testing to ensure you have the healthiest puppy possible *Our puppies are properly socialized with women, men, children and other dogs which builds understanding of the wolf pack hierarchy behavior * Our puppies are examined by a board verified veterinarian * Our puppies are sent home with a puppy pack * Our poodle puppies are 100% pure bred Poodle * Health guarantee and goal of 100% satisfaction (these are our babies- they will become yours!) * customer support / questions are welcome * fully vaccinated & wormed * Air shipping is offered nation wide * Expecting & nursing mothers are fed home cooked meals (organic whenever possible) with vitamins My first AKC registered poodle was purchased from a phenomenal AKC breeder (shoverscountrypups.com). I had such a wonderful experience from a trustworthy breeder that we kept in touch and became friends! In time I acquired 5 more poodles from Kelli of shovers country pups. I could not be any more happier and am so excited to offer the same quality, health, beauty of these dogs to others. Obedience, socialization and emotional intelligence flow freely through this amazing breed. We have chosen toys and minis because they are a bit easier to raise in a family-home style setting. We are not at the point where we want to grow to a full time kennel, but we are as content as can be with our “furry family”. Our poodles love children, guests, other dogs and all laps. Our dogs have undergone genetic testing through Mars. Our dogs scored above average in overall health score and are non-carriers of any known canine & breed specific inherited illness.