Garrett III “RHETT” Ky/Ky Ee at/at
AKC Rhett Obtained from Tiny Companions in Camden NY in 2019. Rhett has a long line of champions in his pedigree (52). Red & phantom carrier. Weighs about 8lbs, May throw between 4-10lb babies. Genetically cleared. AKC DNA certified. Optimal Selection panel. He has active pups that mature into intelligent, assertive adults. As you can see, he loves feet 😋 I have photos of his parents Maggie Mae (mom) and Yogi (Dad). I am so thankful for our wonderful stud from Jesse & Randy. We hope to obtain another bloodline from Tiny Companions in the near future!
Stewie KB/kbr KB/ky Ee aw/at
Stewie’s linage starts 20+ years ago with Macintosh from Calisa poodles. He was the first red champion in Canada and the USA. Stewie’s great grandfather is heaven sent rodeo (pictured) with the original hand written pedigree. Just in the most recent 5 generation pedigree features 15+ champions from red toy poodle focused lines. He is genetically agouti. He sired his very first litter in the fall of 2020. Stewie is fully genetic tested. If you would like to view his full panel, please contact me.
5 generation research pedigree available upon request (must complete application)
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