AKC Barkley Barkley is son to Brooks and Touche. Carries brown, red and phantom. Genetically clear. Fathered 2 litters. Retired, Suzzie’s baby
AKC Rhett Obtained from Tiny Companions in Camden NY in 2019. Rhett has a long line of champions in his pedigree. Red & phantom carrier. Weighs about 7lbs, May throw between 4-7lb babies. Genetically cleared. AKC DNA certified. Optimal Selection panel. Has fathered a litter already in 2020!
OUR Studs
AKC Marty is 4 pounds and red. PRA carrier otherwise clear genetic panel. Carries heavy phantom, red and apricot RETIRED. The legacy is over 😭😭😭 He is just our baby and spoiled as before
AKC JOEY is son to Jettie (retired) and Mickey (Retired) he is 3 pounds and is apricot/beige/light red genetically cleared. Throws mostly apricot. Adopted by Suzzie
Akc Clifford is son to Daphne & Touche. He is about 7 pounds and genetically clear. Throws a large variety of colors. Genetic tested on Optimal Selection. AKC DNA certified. Throws anywhere between 5-15 pounds.